Guaiacol - 2-Methoxyphenol

Guaiacol is a natural organic compound. A colourless to yellow liquid is a basic raw material for manufacturing Vanillin and Eugenol. Synonyms 1-Hydroxy 2-Methoxy Benzene, Ortho Methoxy Phenol.

Appearance: Colourless Liquid

Assay (Purity): 99.5%

Veratrole: 0.05% max

Moisture Content: 0.1% max


CAS no: 90-05-1

Formula: C7H8 O2

Molecular weight: 124.14

  • Basis raw material for manufacturing Vanillin
  • As intermediates in perfume
  • As intermediates in pharma for Guaiafenesin, Guaicol potassium sulphoate etc.

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