Benzyl Alcohol BP | EP

Benzyl Alcohol is a colourless liquid and has a mild pleasant aroma. Benzyl Alcohol BP/EP/Ph.Eur conforms the British (BP) and European Pharmocopoeia (Ph.Eur). At room temperature Benzyl Alcohol is a colourless mobile liquid. The BP / Ph.Eur grade has 99.0 – 100% purity. 

Product Name:  Benzyl Alcohol BP

Appearance: Clear, oily Liquid

Colour: Colourless

Solubility: Pass

Assay (Purity%): 98.0 – 100.5

Appearance of solution      Pass

Residue/Evaporation: Maximum 0.05

Peroxide value (Meq): Maximum 5.00

Acidity: Pass

Halogenated Comp/Hal: Pass

R.D. at 20 deg C: 1.043 – 1.049

R.I. at 20 Deg C: 1.5380 – 1.5410

CAS no: 100-51-6

Formula: C6H5CH2OH

Molecular weight: 108.14

Manufacturing Easters

Solvent for waxes, paints

Soap, perfumes and flavour application.

As Lice treatment in shampoos


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