Refined Vegetable seed oil & Triglycerides Fatty Acids - Pharma Grade

Vegetable oils/fats and triglycerides are fatty oils extracted from the seeds or nuts of a plant. The seeds or nuts of the vegetable plant are crushed and pressed, a process known as ‘cold pressed’ method, to the extend where oil is finally released and extracted. Vegetable oils, also referred as Seed oils, Carrier oils or Triglycerides, contain large amounts of triglycerides or fatty acids, which are essential for good health and growth.  These fatty acids form a carbon chain know as long, medium or small chain triglycerides. E.g. Coconut oil or Palm oil have large amount of medium chain triglycerides which can be extracted from the oils to make ‘Medium Chain Triglyceride’ oil or MCT oil.

Vegetable oils are used in variety of applications.  Mostly know for cooking and food preparation, there are many other applications such as Pharmaceutical and Medical as parenteral (injection) excipient.

NameCatogoryProduct ID
Alfalfa oilVegetable oil/Fat275
Almond oilVegetable oil/Fat725
Almond oil BPVegetable oil/Fat729
Aloe Vera 1:1Vegetable oil/Fat760
Aloe Vera 10:1Vegetable oil/Fat794
Aloe Vera oilVegetable oil/Fat276
AndirobaVegetable oil/Fat277
Apricot oilVegetable oil/Fat278
Arachis oil BPVegetable oil/Fat279
Artemisia oil       Vegetable oil/Fat280
Avocado oilVegetable oil/Fat281
Babassu oil     Vegetable oil/Fat282
Baobab oilVegetable oil/Fat283
Black Cumin oilVegetable oil/Fat284
Blackcurrent oilVegetable oil/Fat285
Blueberry oilVegetable oil/Fat758
Borage oil naturalVegetable oil/Fat286
Borage oil refinedVegetable oil/Fat287
Brazil nut oilVegetable oil/Fat288
Calendula oilVegetable oil/Fat289
Camelia oilVegetable oil/Fat290
Canola oilVegetable oil/Fat291
Cape oilVegetable oil/Fat292
Carotene oilVegetable oil/Fat293
Carrot tissue oilVegetable oil/Fat294
Cashew nut oilVegetable oil/Fat295
Castor oilVegetable oil/Fat296
Castor oil (High Refined)Vegetable oil/Fat795
Castor oil Ultra RefinedVegetable oil/Fat785
Chaulmoogra oilVegetable oil/Fat297
Chia oilVegetable oil/Fat298
Chickweed oilVegetable oil/Fat299
Cocoa ButterVegetable oil/Fat300
Coconut oilVegetable oil/Fat301
Coffee oilVegetable oil/Fat303
Comfrey oilVegetable oil/Fat304
Corn oilVegetable oil/Fat305
Cotton seed oilVegetable oil/Fat306
Cranberry oilVegetable oil/Fat307
Echium oilVegetable oil/Fat308
Elderberry oilVegetable oil/Fat309
Evening Primrose oilVegetable oil/Fat310
Flaxseed oilVegetable oil/Fat311
GlycerineVegetable oil/Fat765
Grapeseed oilVegetable oil/Fat312
Ground Nut oilVegetable oil/Fat313
Hazelnut oilVegetable oil/Fat314
Hemp MealVegetable oil/Fat315
Hemp oil-RefinedVegetable oil/Fat316
Hop oilVegetable oil/Fat317
Hydrogenerated Castor oilVegetable oil/Fat318
Hypericum oilVegetable oil/Fat319
Hyptis oilVegetable oil/Fat320


Jojoba oilVegetable oil/Fat321
Lady Thistle oilVegetable oil/Fat322
Laurel oil  -[Laurel Fat]Vegetable oil/Fat323
Macademia oilVegetable oil/Fat325
Maize oilVegetable oil/Fat326
Mango ButterVegetable oil/Fat328
Marigold oilVegetable oil/Fat327
Massoia oilVegetable oil/Fat329
MCT oilVegetable oil/Fat779
MCT Oil – CoconutVegetable oil/Fat724
Monoi oilVegetable oil/Fat330
Mustard oilVegetable oil/Fat331
Neem oilVegetable oil/Fat332
Ngali oilVegetable oil/Fat333
Olive oilVegetable oil/Fat334
Olive Oil BPVegetable oil/Fat730
Olive oil Ultra RefinedVegetable oil/Fat796
Omega 3 Fish oilVegetable oil/Fat335
Orchid oilVegetable oil/Fat336
Oyster oilVegetable oil/Fat337
Palm Kernal Hydrogenated Oil -RBDVegetable oil/Fat789
Palm oilVegetable oil/Fat338
Parinari oilVegetable oil/Fat339
Passion flower oilVegetable oil/Fat341
Peanut oilVegetable oil/Fat342
Peanut oil Ultra RefinedVegetable oil/Fat799
Penny Royal oilVegetable oil/Fat343
Perilla oilVegetable oil/Fat340
Polyoxyl 35 Castor oil USP/NFVegetable oil/Fat797
Pomegranate oilVegetable oil/Fat344
Poppy seed oilVegetable oil/Fat345
Pumpkin seed oilVegetable oil/Fat346
Rapeseed oilVegetable oil/Fat347
Rasberry oilVegetable oil/Fat348
Rice Bran oilVegetable oil/Fat349
Rose Hips oilVegetable oil/Fat350
Safflower oilVegetable oil/Fat351
Saw Palmetto OilVegetable oil/Fat352
Sea buckthorn oilVegetable oil/Fat353
Sesame oil BPVegetable oil/Fat354
Sesame oil Ultra RefinedVegetable oil/Fat784
Sisymbrium oilVegetable oil/Fat355
Soyabean oilVegetable oil/Fat357
Soyabean oil Ultra RefinedVegetable oil/Fat783
St. Johns wort oilVegetable oil/Fat356
Sulphated Castor oilVegetable oil/Fat358
Sunflower oilVegetable oil/Fat359
Sweet Almond oilVegetable oil/Fat360
Tamanu oilVegetable oil/Fat361
Turkey Red oilVegetable oil/Fat362
UR-  Sesame Oil (Parenteral / Injection grade)Vegetable oil/Fat787
UR-  Soybean Oil (Parenteral / Injection grade)Vegetable oil/Fat788
UR- Castor Oil (Parenteral / Injection grade)Vegetable oil/Fat786
Vitamine E oilVegetable oil/Fat363
Walnut oilVegetable oil/Fat364
Watermelon oilVegetable oil/Fat365
Wheatgerm oilVegetable oil/Fat366
Ximenia oilVegetable oil/Fat367