Vegetable oils/fats and triglycerides are fatty oils extracted from the seeds or nuts of a plant. The seeds or nuts of the vegetable plant are crushed and pressed, a process known as ‘cold pressed’ method, to the extend where oil is finally released and extracted. Vegetable oils, also referred as Seed oils, Carrier oils or Triglycerides, contain large amounts of triglycerides or fatty acids, which are essential for good health and growth. 

These fatty acids form a carbon chain know as long, medium or small chain triglycerides. E.g. Coconut oil or Palm oil have large amount of medium chain triglycerides which can be extracted from the oils to make ‘Medium Chain Triglyceride’ oil or MCT oil.

Vegetable oils are used in variety of applications.  Mostly know for cooking and food preparation, there are many other applications such as Pharmaceutical and Medical as parenteral (injection) excipient.

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