Pharmaceutical Herbal Extracts & Botanicals

We offer range of liquid or soft extracts intended for use in pharmaceutical preparation and off the counter medicines. Pharmaceutical extracts, such as of Squill, Ipecacuanha and Liqurice are widely used in making oral care medicines such as cough in syrups and cold and flu remedies  and medicines. Majority of Pharma extracts complying to BP or BPC Pharmacopoaia.

” A -Z PRODUCT LIST ” –  [Pharmaceutical Extracts]
NameCatogoryProduct ID
Aloe PowderPharmacetical Extracts470
Arnica Flower BPC 1949Pharmacetical Extracts471
BenzoinPharmacetical Extracts472
Benzoin Tincture BPPharmacetical Extracts473
Benzoin Tincture BPCPharmacetical Extracts474
Benzyl Benzoate Application BPPharmacetical Extracts475
Buchu Aqueous Powdered ExtractPharmacetical Extracts476
Camphorated Opium Tincture BPPharmacetical Extracts477
Capsicum Oleoresin 10%Pharmacetical Extracts479
Capsicum Oleoresin BPCPharmacetical Extracts478
Capsicum Tincture BPCPharmacetical Extracts480
Cardamom Tincture BPPharmacetical Extracts481
Cascara Dry Extract BP PowderedPharmacetical Extracts482
Castor Oil BPPharmacetical Extracts483
Catechu Tincture BPPharmacetical Extracts484
Cinchona TincturePharmacetical Extracts485
Cinchona Tincture without SerpentaryPharmacetical Extracts486
Cocillana Liquid Extract BPCPharmacetical Extracts487
Euphorbia Extract BPCPharmacetical Extracts498
Gentian 45% Alcoholic Soft ExtractPharmacetical Extracts488
Gentian Aqueous Powdered ExtractPharmacetical Extracts489
Gentian Infusion BPPharmacetical Extracts490
Ginger Tincture BPPharmacetical Extracts491
Glycerol BPPharmacetical Extracts492
Ipecacuanha Liquid Extract BPPharmacetical Extracts493
Ipecacuanha Tincture BPPharmacetical Extracts494
Krameria BPCPharmacetical Extracts495
Lavender Tincture BPCPharmacetical Extracts496
Lettuce Aqueous Powdered ExtractPharmacetical Extracts497
Liquorice Liquid Extract BPPharmacetical Extracts499
Marshmellow Root ExtactPharmacetical Extracts528
Myrrh Tincture BPCPharmacetical Extracts500
Orange Tincture BPPharmacetical Extracts501
Passiflora Aqueous Powdered ExtractPharmacetical Extracts502
Peppermint Water BPPharmacetical Extracts503
Podophyllum Resin BPPharmacetical Extracts505
Purified Water Pharmaceutical GradePharmacetical Extracts504
Quassia Extract BPCPharmacetical Extracts506
Quillaia Tincture BPPharmacetical Extracts507
Rhubarb Tincture BPPharmacetical Extracts508
Rose Water ConcentratedPharmacetical Extracts509
Scammony Resin BPCPharmacetical Extracts510
Senega Infusion BPPharmacetical Extracts511
Senega Liquid Extract BPPharmacetical Extracts512
Senega Tincture BPCPharmacetical Extracts513
Guarana ExtractPharmacetical Extracts514
Squill Elixir BPPharmacetical Extracts515
Squill Liquid Extract BPPharmacetical Extracts516
Squill Oxymel BPPharmacetical Extracts517
Squill Tincture BPPharmacetical Extracts518
Squill Vinegar BPPharmacetical Extracts519
Syrup BPPharmacetical Extracts520
Tolu Flavour Solution BPPharmacetical Extracts521
Tolu Solution BPCPharmacetical Extracts522
Uva Ursi Aqueous Powdered ExtractPharmacetical Extracts524
Valerian BPCPharmacetical Extracts525
Valerian Tincture EPPharmacetical Extracts526
Wild Cherry Syrup BPPharmacetical Extracts527