Ingredients for Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications

Pharmaceutical vegetable oils injection bottlesWe offer Pharma and Medical grade high quality seed oils, triglycerides, Herbal Extract, Natural oils and Compounds. Our Ultra Refined oil range are highly purified vegetable oils and triglyceride are classified as injection grade and suitable for parenteral application and used as excipients.

Our Pharmaceutical Herbal Extract range is manufactured and complies to the requirements of British Pharmacopoeia or British Codex monographs. These extracts can be used in herbal medicine for making cold and cough syrup and other off the counter medicines. Our Nautral oils, Essential oils and Compounds are compliant to  British, European or US Pharmacopoiea monographs.

NameCatogoryProduct ID

UR- Castor Oil BP/EP

 (Parenteral / Injection grade)


UR-  Soybean Oil BP/EP/USP

 (Parenteral / Injection grade)


UR-  Sesame Oil  BP/EP/USP

 (Parenteral / Injection grade)


UR – Olive Oil BP/EP/USP

(Parenteral / Injection grade)


UR – Peanut Oil BP/EP/USP

(Parenteral / Injection grade)


NameCatogoryProduct ID
Arnica Flower BPC 1949Pharma Extracts471
Benzoin Tincture BPPharma Extracts473
Benzoin Tincture BPCPharma Extracts474
Capsicum Oleoresin BPCPharma Extracts478
Capsicum Tincture BPCPharma Extracts480
Cardamom Tincture BPPharma Extracts481
Cascara Dry Extract BP PowderedPharma Extracts482
Catechu Tincture BPPharma Extracts484
Cocillana Liquid Extract BPCPharma Extracts487
Euphorbia Extract BPCPharma Extracts498
Gentian Infusion BPPharma Extracts490
Ginger Tincture BPPharma Extracts491
Glycerol BPPharma Extracts492
Ipecacuanha Liquid Extract BPPharma Extracts493
Ipecacuanha Tincture BPPharma Extracts494
Krameria BPCPharma Extracts495
Lavender Tincture BPCPharma Extracts496
Liquorice Liquid Extract BPPharma Extracts499
Myrrh Tincture BPCPharma Extracts500
Orange Tincture BPPharma Extracts501
Peppermint Water BPPharma Extracts503
Podophyllum Resin BPPharma Extracts505
Quassia Extract BPCPharma Extracts506
Quillaia Tincture BPPharma Extracts507
Rhubarb Tincture BPPharma Extracts508
Scammony Resin BPCPharma Extracts510
Senega Infusion BPPharma Extracts511
Senega Liquid Extract BPPharma Extracts512
Senega Tincture BPCPharma Extracts513
Squill Elixir BPPharma Extracts515
Squill Liquid Extract BPPharma Extracts516
Squill Oxymel BPPharma Extracts517
Squill Tincture BPPharma Extracts518
Squill Vinegar BPPharma Extracts519
Tolu Solution BPCPharma Extracts522
Thyme Liquid Extract BPPharma Extracts550-258
Marshmallow Liquid Extract BPPharma Extracts551-258
Wild Cherry SyrupPharma Extracts552-258
NameCatogoryProduct ID
Acetic Acid Glacial EP, USPPharmaceutical Ingredients611-301
Acetic Acid EPPharmaceutical Ingredients610-301
Acetone EPPharmaceutical Ingredients612-302
Ascorbic acid EP, USPPharmaceutical Ingredients613-303
Benzoic acid USP, EPPharmaceutical Ingredients614-304
Benzyl Alcohol BP, EPPharmaceutical Ingredients719
Benzyl Benzoate BPPharmaceutical Ingredients191
Butanol USPPharmaceutical Ingredients615-305
Citric Acid EPPharmaceutical Ingredients616-306
Dextrose monohydrate EP, USPPharmaceutical Ingredients617-307
Dicalcium phosphate anhydrous EPPharmaceutical Ingredients618-308
Diethyl ether EPPharmaceutical Ingredients6110-310
Ethyl Acetate EPPharmaceutical Ingredients6111-311
Ethyl Alcohol BP, Ph. EURPharmaceutical Ingredients6115-315
Ethyl Oleate BP, EPPharmaceutical Ingredients221
Eugenol BP, USPPharmaceutical Ingredients226
Formic Acid EPPharmaceutical Ingredients6113-313
Fructose EP, USPPharmaceutical Ingredients6112-312
Glycerol EP, USP Pharmaceutical Ingredients6114-314
Glycine EP, BP, USPPharmaceutical Ingredients6116-316
Isopropyl Alcohol EP, USPPharmaceutical Ingredients6117-317
Lactic Acid 90 % USP, JP, EPPharmaceutical Ingredients6118-318
Menthol EP, BPPharmaceutical Ingredients6122-321
Methyl Alcohol EPPharmaceutical Ingredients6119-319
Titanium dioxide EP, USPPharmaceutical Ingredients6120-319
Zinc oxide EP, BPPharmaceutical Ingredients6121-320
NameCatogoryProduct ID
Almond oil BPVegetable oil/Fat729
Aniseed oil BPEssential oil709
Arachis oil BPVegetable oil/Fat279
Castor Oil BPPharma Extracts483
Cinnamon Leaf Oil BPEssential Oil726
Cod Liver oil BP/EPFish oil671
Eucalyptus oil BPEssential oil708
Oleic acid EPFatty Acid773
Olive Oil BPVegetable oil/Fat730
Peppermint oil  BPEssential oil769
Sesame oil BPVegetable oil/Fat354
Triethanolamine EPCosmetic Compound731
Omega 3 oil BPFish oil672