Essential oil and Oleoresins (Pharma Grade)

Essential oil is a liquid extracted from a part or a whole plant using a process know as ‘steam distillation’. This process uses steam to break the out layers of the plant and finally extract the ‘essence’ of the plant by distillation process. The Essential oil that is produced by this process is a highly concentrated liquid / oil which contains volatile essence and aromatic compounds of the plant. The final volatile liquid is know as an “Essential oil”. Properties of each Essential oil varies depending upon the plant from which it is extracted. Essential oils are mostly known to be used in Aromatherapy. However, Essential oils are also extensively used in health care ointments, pharmaceuticals, in foods, cosmetics and many other ingredient manufacturing. 

Oleoresins are obtained by solvent extraction of the dried spices. This process makes Oleoresin retain the original property of the spice and therefore can be used as a replacement.

” A -Z PRODUCT LIST ” –  [Essential oil & Oleoresins]
NameCatogoryProduct ID
Agarwood oil       Essential oil1
Allspice Berry     Essential oil2
Almond Bitter     Essential oil3
Amber oil           Essential oil4
Ambrette oil      Essential oil5
Amyris oil   Essential oil6
Angelica oilEssential oil13
Angelica oil   Essential oil7
Anise oil        Essential oil8
Aniseed oil     Essential oil9
Aniseed oil BPEssential oil709
Armoise oil     Essential oil10
Arnica absolute     Essential oil11
Artemisia oilEssential oil12
Basil oil       Essential oil14
Bay oil       Essential oil15
Beeswax absolute     Essential oil16
Benzoin Absolute Resin      Essential oil17
Bergamot oil      Essential oil18
Birch oil      Essential oil19
Black Currant oil     Essential oil20
Black Pepper oil      Essential oil21
Bois de Rose      Essential oil22
Broom oilEssential oil23
Bucha oilEssential oil24
Cade oil     Essential oil25
Cajeput oilEssential oil26
Calamus oil    Essential oil27
Camellia oil       Essential oil29
Camphor oil  Essential oil30
Camphor oil BPCEssential oil716
Cananga oilEssential oil31
Canola oil     Essential oil32
Caraway seed oil  Essential oil33
Cardamom oil  Essential oil34
Carnation absolute  Essential oil35
Carrot Seed oil      Essential oil36
Carrot Tissue oil   Essential oil37
Cascarilla oilEssential oil38
Cassia oilEssential oil39
Castor oil  Essential oil40
Cedar oil  Essential oil41
Cedarwood oil    Essential oil42
Celery Seed oil    Essential oil43
Chamomile oilEssential oil717
Chamomile oil Blue       Essential oil44
Chamomile oil English  Essential oil45
Chamomile oil German     Essential oil46
Chamomile oil Roman       Essential oil47
Chamomile WildEssential oil48
Cinnamon bark oil       Essential oil49
Cinnamon Leaf Oil BPEssential Oil726
Cinnamon oil   Essential oil50
Citronella oilEssential oil51
Clary oil  Essential oil52
Clarysage oilEssential oil53
Clove bud oil      Essential oil54
Clove leaf oil    Essential oil55
Copiba Balsam  Essential oil56
Coriander seed oil   Essential oil57
Costus oil   Essential oil58
Cubeb oil  Essential oil59
Cumin Black oil   Essential oil60
Cypress oilEssential oil61
Daminan oil  Essential oil63
Davana oil   Essential oil64
Dill oilEssential oil65
D-Limonene  Essential oil62
Elemi oilEssential oil66
Eucalyptus oilEssential oil67
Eucalyptus oil BPEssential oil708
Fennel oil   Essential oil68
Fennel sweet    Essential oil69
Fir Needle oil  Essential oil70
Frankincense oilEssential oil71
Galangal oil   Essential oil72
Galbanum oil   Essential oil73
Garlic oil   Essential oil74
Geranium oil    Essential oil75
Ginger oil   Essential oil76
Gingergrass oil  Essential oil77
Golden rod oil  Essential oil78
Grapefruit oilEssential oil79
Guaiac oilEssential oil80
Helicrysum oilEssential oil732
Hinoki oil    Essential oil81
Ho oil    Essential oil82
Honeysuckle oil     Essential oil83
Hop oil   Essential oil84
Horseradish oil  Essential oil85
Hypericum infused oilEssential oil86
Hyssop oilEssential oil87
Immortelle (Helicrysum) oilEssential oil88
Inula oilEssential oil89
Jasmine absolute       Essential oil90
Juniper oil       Essential oil91
Juniperberry oilEssential oil92
Kanuka oilEssential oil93
Laural oil    Essential oil94
Lavandin oilEssential oil95
Lavender oilEssential oil96
Lemon oil       Essential oil97
Lemongrass oil cochinEssential oil98
Lime oilEssential oil99
Linaloewood oil    Essential oil100
Linden flower oil  Essential oil101
Litsea Cubeba oil   Essential oil102
Lotus oilEssential oil103
Lovage oilEssential oil104
Mace oil  Essential oil105
Mandarin oilEssential oil106
Manuka oil  Essential oil107
Marigold oil  Essential oil108
Marjoram oil   Essential oil109
Melissa oil    Essential oil110
Mentha oil    Essential oil111
Mimosa oil   Essential oil112
Mint oil  Essential oil113
Mustard seed oilEssential oil114
Myrrh oilEssential oil115
Myrtle oilEssential oil116
Narcissus absoluteEssential oil117
Neroli oil   Essential oil118
Niaouli oil    Essential oil119
Nutmeg oilEssential oil120
Oakmoss oil  Essential oil121
Olibanum oil   Essential oil122
Onion oil  Essential oil123
Orange oil bitter   Essential oil124
Orange oil sweetEssential oil125
Orange TerpenesEssential oil126
Oregon oil  Essential oil127
Origanum oil   Essential oil128
Orris oilEssential oil129
Palmarose oil  Essential oil130
Parsley seed oil  Essential oil131
Patchouli oil  Essential oil132
Penny Royal oil   Essential oil133
Peppermint oil  Essential oil134
Peppermint oil  BPEssential oil769
Peru Balsam  Essential oil135
Petitgrain Mangarin oil  Essential oil136
Pimento oil  Essential oil137
Pine oil       Essential oil138
Pomegranate Essential oil  Essential oil139
Pumpkin oilEssential oil140
Ravensara oil  Essential oil141
Rose Absolute  Essential oil142
Rose Hips oil   Essential oil143
Rose oil OTTO  Essential oil144
Rosemarry oil   Essential oil145
Rosewood oilEssential oil146
Sage oil  Essential oil147
Sandalwood oil  Essential oil148
Savin oil  Essential oil149
Savory oil   Essential oil150
Spearmint oil   Essential oil151
Spiknard oilEssential oil152
Spruce OilEssential oil153
Tagettes oil   Essential oil154
Tangerine oil  Essential oil155
Tansy oil  Essential oil156
Tarragon oil   Essential oil157
Tea Tree oil   Essential oil158
Thuja oil   Essential oil159
Thyme oil red  Essential oil160
Thyme oil white    Essential oil161
Tolu Balsam  Essential oil162
Tonka Bean absolute  Essential oil163
Tuberose oil    Essential oil164
Turmeric oil    Essential oil165
Turpentine oilEssential oil166
Valerian oilEssential oil167
Vanilla oil   (absolute)Essential oil168
Verbena oil   Essential oil169
Vetiver oil  Essential oil170
Violet oil  Essential oil171
Wintergreen oilEssential oil172
Wormwood oilEssential oil173
Yarrow oilEssential oil174
NameCatogoryProduct ID
Asafoetida OleoresinOleoresin679
Black Pepper OleoresinOleoresin680
Capsicum Oleoresin (Oil Soluble)Oleoresin681
Cardamom OleoresinOleoresin682
Cassia OleoresinOleoresin683
Celery OleoresinOleoresin684
Clove OleoresinOleoresin685
Cocoa OleoresinOleoresin686
Coffee OleoresinOleoresin687
Coriander OleoresinOleoresin688
Cumin OleoresinOleoresin689
Curry Leaf OleoresinOleoresin690
Decalepis OleoresinOleoresin691
Dill Seed OleoresinOleoresin692
Fennel OleoresinOleoresin693
Fenugreek OleoresinOleoresin694
Gardenia OleoresinOleoresin695
Garlic OleoresinOleoresin696
Mace OleoresinOleoresin697
Mustard OleoresinOleoresin698
Nutmeg OleoresinOleoresin699
Onion OleoresinOleoresin700
Paprika OleoresinOleoresin701
Pimento OleoresinOleoresin702
Rosemary OleoresinOleoresin703
Tamarind OleoresinOleoresin704
Turmeric OleoresinOleoresin705