A to Z list of products we can offer

Acai Berry Extract
Acai Berry Powder
Acai Powder Freeze Dried
Acerole – Vitamin C 5-25%
Agarwood oil       
Ajowain CO2 Extract -Trachyspermum ammi
Alfalfa – Protein 50%
Alfalfa oil
Allspice Berries CO2 extract – Pimenta officinalis
Allspice Berry     
Ally Heptoate
Allyl Caproate
Almond Bitter     
Almond oil
Almond oil BP
Aloe Powder
Aloe Vera 1:1
Aloe Vera 10:1
Aloe Vera Butter     
Aloe Vera oil
Amaranth Seed CO2 extract – Amaranthus caudatusA
Amber oil           
Ambrette oil      
Ambrette Seed CO2 extract
Amyl Benzoateamyl Butyrate
Amyl Cinnamateamyl
Amyl Isovalerinate
Amyl Phenyl Acetate
Amyl Propionate
Amyl Salicylate
Amyris oil   
Andrographic Paniculata – Andrographolide 10%
Anethol 21/22
Angelica extract – Feralic Acid 0.3%/Ligutilide 1%
Angelica oil
Angelica oil   
Angelica Root 5:1 PE
Angelica Root CO2 extract – Angelica archangelica
Angelicae extract – Ligustilide 1%
Anisc Aldehyde Natural   
Anise oil        
Aniseed oil     
Aniseed oil BP
Annantto Extract – Hue ratio 0.99 to 1.19
Apple extract – Polyphonols 30%
Apricot oil
Arachis oil BP
Armoise oil     
Arnica absolute     
Arnica extract Co2,4 % Sesquiterpene lactones
Arnica Flower BPC 1949
Aromatic Chemicals
Artemisia oil
Artemisia oil       
Artichoke extract – Cynarin 10%
Asafoetida Oleoresin
Ashwagandha extract 2.5%   
Asparagus Racemosus – Saponin 30%
Astragalus extract – Astragalosides 0.3%  
Astragalus extract Polysaccharides 10-16%
Avocado Butter
Avocado oil
Azadirachita Indica extract – Azadiractin 2% min
Babassu oil     
Bacopa Monneri extract – Bacoside 20%
Balm Leaf extract – Melissa officinalis
Balm of Gilead liquid Extract 1:3
Baobab oil
Basil Leaf extract – Ocimum basilicum
Basil oil       
Bay oil       
Beeswax absolute     
Benzoin Absolute Resin      
Benzoin Tincture BP
Benzoin Tincture BPC
Benzyl Acetate
Benzyl Alcohol
Benzyl Alcohol BP / EP
Benzyl Benzoate
Benzyl Benzoate Application BP
Benzyl Benzoate BP
Benzyl Butyrate
Benzyl Cinnamate
Benzyl Formate
Benzyl Isobutrate
Benzyl Isovalerinate
Benzyl Phenyl Acetate
Benzyl Propionate
Benzyl Salicylate
Bergamot oil      
Berry Fruit extract – Proanthocyanidins 25%
BetaNaphthol Isobutyl Ether
Bilberry extract – Anthocyansides 10%
Bilberry extract – Anthocyansides 25%
Bilberry Liquid Extract
Bilberry Tincture 1:3
Birch oil      
Black Cohosh – Triterpenoides Saponins 2.5%
Black Cumin CO2 Extract
Black Cumin oil
Black Currant oil     
Black Pepper oil      
Black Pepper Oleoresin
Blackcurrent oil
Bladderwrack Extract
Blueberry oil
Bois de Rose      
Borage oil natural
Borage oil refined
Borage Seed extract – Borago officinalis
Boswella Seratta extract – Boswellic Acid 70%
Brazil nut oil
Broom oil
Brown seaweed – 15%
Bucha oil
Buchu Aqueous Powdered Extract
Burdock extract – 25%
Butter extract
Butyl Benzoate
Butyl Butrate
Cade oil     
Cajeput oil
Calamus oil    
Calamus Root extract – Acorus calamus
Calendula Fluid Extract 1:1, 90%
Calendula oil
Camelia oil
Camelia Sinensis – Epigallocatechin Gallate >0.2%
Camellia oil       
Camomile Flower CO2 extract – Chamomilla recutita
Camphor oil  
Camphor oil BPC
Camphorated Opium Tincture BP
Cananga oil
Canola oil
Canola oil     
Cape oil
Capsicum Frutescens Total capsaicinoids >0.62%
Capsicum Oleoresin (Oil Soluble)
Capsicum Oleoresin 10%
Capsicum Oleoresin BPC
Capsicum Oleorisin – 20%
Capsicum Tincture BPC
Caraway CO2 extract – Carum carvi
Caraway seed oil  
Cardamom CO2 extract – Elettaria cardamomum
Cardamom oil  
Cardamom Oleoresin
Cardamom Tincture BP
Carnation absolute  
Carotene oil
Carrot extract – Beta carotene >0.2
Carrot Seed CO2 extract – Daucus carota
Carrot Seed oil      
Carrot tissue oil
Carrot Tissue oil   
Carrot-Jojoba CO2 extract – Daucus carota
Cascara Dry Extract BP Powdered
Cascarilla oil
Cashew nut oil
Cassia oil
Cassia Oleoresin
Castor oil
Castor oil  
Castor oil (High Refined)
Castor Oil BP
Castor oil Ultra Refined
Catechu Tincture BP
Catmint Liquid Extract
Cat’s Claw extract – Alkaloids 3% / Phenolic 15%
Cedar oil  
Cedarwood oil    
Celery Oleoresin
Celery Seed CO2 extract – Apium graveolens
Celery Seed oil    
Centella Asiatica extract – Aisaticoside 3-40%
Chamomile – Apigenin 1.2% / Essential oil 0.5%
Chamomile oil
Chamomile oil Blue       
Chamomile oil English  
Chamomile oil German     
Chamomile oil Roman       
Chamomile Wild
Chaparral extract – NDGA >0.05%  
Chaparral Liquid Extract
Chaste-Tree extract – Vitexicarpin 5%
Chaulmoogra oil
Chia oil
Chia Seed (Spanish Sage) CO2 extract – Salvia hispanica
Chickweed oil
Chili CO2 extract, 10 % Capsaicinoids – Capsicum frutescens
Chili CO2 extract, 5 % Capsaicinoids – Capsicum frutescens
Cholorella Emersoni – Chlorphyll >1%
Chondroitin – Chondroitin Sulphate (Porcine)  
Chondroitin – Chondroitin Sulphate (Shark)
Cinchona Tincture
Cinchona Tincture without Serpentary
Cinnamon Bark Cassia CO2 extract – Cinnamomum cassia
Cinnamon Bark Ceylanicum CO2 extract – Cinnamomum ceylanicum
Cinnamon bark oil       
Cinnamon Leaf Oil BP
Cinnamon oil   
Citral 96%
Citral Pure (Natural)
Citricidal Grapefruit extractives 50%/Glycerin
Citronella oil
Citronellol 99%
Citronellyl Butyrate
Citronellyl Formate
Citronellyl Formate
Citronellyl Propionate
Citroneyl Acetate 99%
Citrus Aurantium extract – Synephrine 8-10%
Citrus Bioflavonid – Hesperidin w/50%
Citrus Bioflavonid – Synephrine 4%
Clary oil  
Clarysage oil
Clove Bud CO2 extract – Syzygium aromaticum
Clove bud oil      
Clove leaf oil    
Clove Oleoresin
Cocillana Liquid Extract BPC
Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Butter
Cocoa Oleoresin
Coconut oil
Cod Liver Oil (Medicinal grade)
Cod Liver oil (normal grade)
Cod Liver oil BP/EP
Cod Liver Oil BP98
Coffee oil
Coffee Oleoresin
Coleus Forskohli extract 10-20%
Comfrey oil
Comiphora Mukul extract – Sterones 5% / Gugulipids 20%
Copiba Balsam  
Coriander CO2 extract – Coriandrum sativum
Coriander CO2 extract, 25 % Essent. Oil – Coriandrum sativum
Coriander Oleoresin
Coriander seed oil   
Corn oil
Costus oil   
Cotton seed oil
Cowberry – Anthocyanidins 25%
Cranberry – Solids 18-90%
Cranberry oil
Cubeb oil  
Cumin Black oil   
Cumin Oleoresin
Cumin Seed CO2 extract – Cuminum cyminum
Cupuacu Butter
Curcuma Longa CO2 extract – Curcuma longa
Curcuma Xanthorrhiza CO2 extract
Curry Leaf Oleoresin
Cypress oil
Daminan oil  
Dandelion extract – 4%
Davana oil   
Decalepis Oleoresin
Devil’s Claw extract – Harpagoside 5%
DHA Fish Oil ethyl esters, 50 % DHA
Dill oil
Dill Seed CO2 extract, Carvone Type – Anethum graveolens
Dill Seed CO2 extract, Dillapiol Type – Anethum sowa
Dill Seed Oleoresin
Ding Quai extract – Ligustilide 1%
Diphenyl Methane
Echinacea Angustifolia extract – Echinacosides 4%
Echinacea Purpurea extract – Chicoric 2%
Echinacea Purpurea extract Phenolic 4%
Echinacea Purpurea Liquid Ext.
Echium oil
Elder extract – Anthocyanidins 10-30%
Elderberry Liquid Extract
Elderberry oil
Elemi oil
Eleuthero extract – 0.8%
Ellagic Acid – 98%
Embelia Ribes extract – Embelline 8%  
Epimedium 40%
Epimedium extract – 10-30%
Ethyl Butrate
Ethyl Caprate
Ethyl Caproate
Ethyl Caprylate
Ethyl Cinnamate
Ethyl Formate
Ethyl Heptoate
Ethyl Laurate
Ethyl Maltol
Ethyl Oleate BP/EP
Ethyl Phenyl Acetate
Ethyl Propionate
Ethyl Valerate
Eucalyptus oil
Eucalyptus oil BP
Eucommia – Guttapercha 6%
Eugenol USP
Euphorbia Extract BPC
Evening Primrose oil
Evening Primrose Seed CO2 extract – Oenothera biennis
Fennel CO2 extract, Bitter Type – Foeniculum vulgare var. vulgare
Fennel oil   
Fennel Oleoresin
Fennel sweet    
Fenugreek Oleoresin
Fenugreek Seed CO2 extract – Trigonella Foenum-Graecum
Fenugreek seed extract – Saponins 50%
Feverfew CO2 extract – 1%
Feverfew extract – Parthenolide 0.3% – 0.9%
Figwort Liquid Extract
Fir Needle oil  
Fish oil (Mixed)
Flavoxan 14, Rosemary Antioxidant formulation – Rosmarinus officinalis
Flavoxan 25, Rosemary Antioxidant formulation – Rosmarinus officinalis
Flaxseed oil
Frankincense Carteri CO2 extract – Boswellia carteri
Frankincense oil
Frankincense Serrata CO2 extract – Boswellia serrata
Fructus Lycii – Amino Acid 20%
Galangal oil   
Galangal Root CO2 extract – Alpinia galanga
Galbanum CO2 extract – Ferula galbaniflua*
Galbanum oil   
Ganoderma Lucidum – Polysaccharides 10%
Garcinia Cambogia extract – HCA 50%-90%
Gardenia Oleoresin
Garlic CO2-to extract, D/E = 50:1 – Allium sativum
Garlic extract – Aillicn 17%  
Garlic oil   
Garlic Oleoresin
Gentian 45% Alcoholic Soft Extract
Gentian Aqueous Powdered Extract
Gentian Infusion BP
Gentian root powder
Geranium oil    
Geranyl Acetate
Geranyl Butyrate
Geranyl Formate
Geranyl Isobutrate
Geranyl Nitrile
Geranyl Propionate
Ginger CO2-extract, powder, 20 %
Ginger extract – Gingerols 3%-5%
Ginger oil   
Ginger Supercritical Hot Extract Co2
Ginger Tincture BP
Gingergrass oil  
Ginkgo Biloba extract – Ginkgosides >1%  
Ginseng extract – (Panax) Ginsenosides 20%
Glycerol BP
Glycyrrihiza Glabra – Glycrrhizin 20%  
Golden rod oil  
Goldenseal extract – Alkaloids total 3%
Gotu Kola extract – 40%
Grape extract – Polyphenols 20%-95%
Grape extract – Proanthocyanidins 95%
Grapefruit oil
Grapefruit Seed Extract
Grapeseed oil
Green Tea extract – Polyphenols 50%  
Green Tea extract, decaffeinated
Griffonia – 98%    
Gromwell Root CO2 extract, standardised – Lithospermum Erythrorhizon
Ground Nut oil
Guaiac oil
Guarana Complex – caffeine 20%
Guggul extract 2.5%
Gymnema Sylvestre  – Gymnemic Acid 25-90%
Gynostemma extract – Gypenosides 90%
Hawthorn extract – Vitexin flavonoids 5%
Hawthorn extract Vitexin-2′-rhamnoside 1.8%
Hazelnut CO2 extract – Corylus avellana
Hazelnut CO2 extract, alcohol soluble – Corylus avellana
Hazelnut oil
Helicrysum oil
Hemp Meal
Hemp oil-Refined
Hexyl Acetate
Hexyl Butyrate
Hexyl Caproate
Hibiscus Extract 4:1
Hinoki oil    
Ho oil    
Honeysuckle extract – Chlorogenin Acid 20%
Honeysuckle oil     
Hop CO2 extract – Humulus lupulus
Hop oil
Hop oil   
Horse Chestnut extract – Escin 20%
Horseradish oil  
Horsetail Hern extract – Silica 2%
Huperzia serrate – Huperzine 1-5%
Hydrogenerated Castor oil
Hypericum infused oil
Hypericum oil
Hyptis oil
Hyssop oil
Immortelle (Helicrysum) oil
Inula oil
Ipecacuana Extract 1.9-2.1%
Ipecacuanha Liquid Extract BP
Ipecacuanha Tincture BP
Iso Amyl Acetate
Iso Amyl Butyrate
Iso Amyl Caproate 
Iso Amyl Formate
Iso Butyl Acetate
Iso Butyl Benzoate
Iso Butyl Cinnamate
Iso Butyl Phenyl Acetate
Iso Butyl Salicylate
Jasmine absolute       
Jojoba oil
Juniper Berries CO2-se extract – Juniperus communis
Juniper oil       
Juniperberry oil
Kanuka oil
Kava Kava extract – Kavalactones 30%
Kava Kava Supercritical Co2 Kavapyrones 60%
Kiwi Seed CO2-to extract – Actinidia chinensis
Kokum Butter
Kola extract – Caffeine 10%
Krameria BPC
Kudzu extract – isoflavones 40%
Lady Thistle oil
Laural oil    
Laurel Fixed oil (FAT)
Laurel oil  -[Laurel Fat]
Lavandin oil
Lavender Flower CO2 extract – Lavandula officinalis
Lavender oil
Lavender Tincture BPC
Lemon oil       
Lemongrass oil cochin
Lettuce Aqueous Powdered Extract
Licorice CO2 Extract
Licorice extract – Glycyrrhizin 10-26%
Lime oil
Linaloewood oil    
Linalyl Acetate
Linden flower oil  
Linden flower Powder
Linseed oil (Alkali Refined)
Linseed oil (Boiled)
Linseed oil (Cold Pressed)
Linseed oil (Raw)
Liquorice Liquid Extract BP
Litsea Cubeba oil   
Lotus oil
Lovage oil
Lovage Root CO2 extract – Levisticum officinale
L-Theanine 20%
Lutein – 10-15% minimum
Lycium – 1.5%
Macademia oil
Mace CO2 extract – Myristica fragrans
Mace oil  
Mace Oleoresin
Magnolia extract – Vasinine 0.5% min  
Maize oil
Mandarin oil
Mango Butter
Mango Butter
Mannitol 50%  
Manuka oil  
Marigold Flower CO2 extract < 0,1 % Carotenoides – Calendula officinalis
Marigold Flower CO2 extract- Calendula officinalis
Marigold Maribrite
Marigold oil
Marigold oil  
Marjoram Leaf CO2 extract – Origanum majorana
Marjoram oil   
Massoia Bark CO2 extract – Cryptocaria massoia
Massoia oil
MCT oil
MCT Oil – Coconut
Meadowsweet powder (Filipendula ulmaria)
Melissa Officinalis Leaf CO2 Extract
Melissa oil    
Melon Seed Oil
Mentha oil    
Menthol Crystals
Menthol Rac
Methyl Acetophenone
Methyl Anthranilate
Methyl Benzoate
Methyl Chaviol
Methyl Cinnamate
Methyl Eugenol
Methyl Phenyl Acetate
Methyl Phenyl Ethyl Ether
Milk Thistle extract – Silymarin 10%-80%
Milk Vetch Liquid Ext.
Millet Seed CO2 extract – Panicum miliaceum
Mimosa oil   
Mint oil  
Momordica Charantia extract – Bitter 3%
Monoi oil
Mowrah Butter
Murumura Butter
Musk Seed CO2 extract – Hibiscus abelmoschus
Mustard oil
Mustard Oleoresin
Mustard seed oil
Myrrh CO2 extract – Commiphora abyssinica
Myrrh oil
Myrrh Tincture BPC
Myrtle oil
Narcissus absolute
Neem extract – Bitters 3%
Neem oil
Neroli oil   
Nerolin Bromelia
Nettle leaf extract – Silica 5%
Ngali oil
Niaouli oil    
Nutmeg CO2 extract – Myristica fragrans
Nutmeg oil
Nutmeg Oleoresin
Oakmoss oil  
Ocimum Sanactum extract – Ursolic Acid 8%
of Propolis Liquid 50 PCT.
Oleic acid EP
Olibanum oil   
Olive oil
Olive Oil BP
Olive oil Ultra Refined
Omega 3 Fish oil
Omega 3 oil
Onion extract (to specification)
Onion oil  
Onion Oleoresin
Orange oil bitter   
Orange oil sweet
Orange Terpenes
Orange Terpenes
Orange Tincture BP
Orchid oil
Oregano Leaf CO2 extract
Oregano Leaf CO2 extract, Phenol Type – Origanum vulgare
Oregano Leaf CO2 extract, Terpineol Type – Origanum vulgare
Oregon oil  
Origanum oil   
Orris oil
Orris Root CO2 extract, 1 % Irones – Iris germanica
Orris Root CO2 extract, 10 % Irones – Iris germanica
Orris Root CO2 extract, 3 % Irones – Iris germanica
Oyster oil
Palm Kernal Hydrogenated Oil -RBD
Palm oil
Palmarose oil  
Paprika extract, 80000 C.U. – Capsicum annuum
Paprika extract, water dispersible, 40000 C.U. – Capsicum annuum
Paprika Oleoresin
Paracresyl Acetate
Paracresyl Isobutyrate
Paracresyl Methyl Ether
Parinari oil
Parsley Seed CO2 extract – Petroselinum crispum
Parsley seed oil  
Passiflora Aqueous Powdered Extract
Passion Flower – Vitexin flavonoids 4%
Passion flower oil
Patchouli oil  
Peanut CO2 extract – Arachis hypogaea
Peanut oil
Peanut oil Ultra Refined
PEG 300 (Polyethylene Glycol 300)
PEG 8 Ester
Penny Royal oil
Penny Royal oil   
Pepper Black CO2 extract, 28 % Piperine, 30 % Essent. Oil – Piper nigrum
Peppermint Leaf CO2 extract – Mentha piperita
Peppermint oil  
Peppermint oil  BP
Peppermint Water BP
Perilla oil
Peru Balsam  
Petitgrain Mangarin oil  
Phenyl Acetic Acid
Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol
Phenyl Ethyl Butrate
Phenyl Ethyl Cinnamate
Phenyl Ethyl Formate
Phenyl Ethyl Isobutrate
Phenyl Ethyl Phenyl Acetate
Phenyl Ethyl Propionate
Phenyl Ethyl Acetate
Pimento oil  
Pimento Oleoresin
Pine extract – Proanthocyanidins 95% Policosanol 99% MINIMUM
Pine oil       
Podophyllum Resin BP
Polygonum Cuspidatum – Resveratrol 20%
Polyoxyl 35 Castor oil USP/NF
Pomegranate Butter
Pomegranate Essential oil  
Pomegranate extract – Polyphenols 40%
Pomegranate oil
Pomegranate Seed CO2 extract – Punica granatum
Poppy seed oil
Propolis Liquid 50 PCT.
Propolis Powder 50%
Propolis Powder 80%
Propolis Resins Blocks (Refined Chips)
Propolis Tablets/Capsules
Puerariac – isoflavones 40%
Pumpkin extrac – Fatty Acids 25%
Pumpkin oil
Pumpkin seed oil
Purified Water Pharmaceutical Grade
Pygeum extract – Phytosterols 2.5%-25%
Quassia Extract BPC
Quillaia Tincture BP
Radix salviae – Tenshenone 1%
Rapeseed oil
Rasberry oil
Raspberry Seeds CO2 extract – Rubus idaeus
Ravensara oil  
Red Clover extract – Isoflavones
Redberry CO2 extract – Schinus terebenthifolius
Reishi Mushroom extract – 10%
Reishi Mushroom extract – Resveratrol – 95%
Rhatany Root CO2-to extract, standardised – Krameria Lappacea
Rheum Extract (Turkey Rhubarb) Ext.
Rhodiola Roses – Salidrosides 2%
Rhubarb Tincture BP
Rice Bran oil
Rose Absolute  
Rose Crystals
Rose Hips
Rose Hips oil
Rose Hips oil   
Rose oil OTTO  
Rose Water Concentrated
Rosehip CO2-to extract – Rosa canina
Rosehip Seed CO2-to extract – Rosa canina
Rosemarry extract – 20%
Rosemarry oil   
Rosemary Antioxidant extract, 14 % -25% Diterpene Phenols – Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosemary CO2 extract, – Rosmarinus officinalis
Rosemary Oleoresin
Rosewood oil
Rotenone – Rotenone 50-55%
Royal Jelly
Ryegrass Extract
Rye-Pollen Extract
Safflower oil
Sage Antioxidant extract, 35 % Diterpene Phenols – Salvia triloba, Salvia officinalis
Sage CO2-to extract, 5 % Oleanolic/Ursolic acid – Salvia triloba, Salvia officinalis
Sage Officinalis CO2 extract – Salvia officinalis
Sage oil  
Sage Triloba CO2 extract – Salvia triloba
Salmon oil
Sandalwood oil  
Saraca Indica exrtact – Tannins 8%
Savin oil  
Savory oil   
Saw Palmetto CO2 Extract
Saw Palmetto extract – Fatty acids 20-25%
Saw Palmetto Oil
Saw Palmetto oil
Scammony Resin BPC
Schisandra Berrier – Schisandrins 2%
Schisandra Fruit CO2 extract, Variety Sphenanthera – Schisandra sphenanthera
Sea buckthorn oil
Seabuckthorn Berries CO2 extract – Hippophae rhamnoides
Seabuckthorn Pulp CO2 extract – Hippophae rhamnoides
Seabuckthorn Pulp CO2 extract, < 0,1 % Carotenoides – Hippophae rhamnoides
Seabuckthorn Pulp CO2 extract, semi-solid lipids – Hippophae rhamnoides
Seabuckthorn Seed CO2 extract – Hippophae rhamnoides
Senega Infusion BP
Senega Liquid Extract BP
Senega Tincture BPC
Sesame oil BP
Sesame oil Ultra Refined
Shavegrass extract – Silica 7%
Shea Butter
Shilajit extract – Benzoic Acid and Uric Acid 5%
Shitake Mushroom – Polysaccharides 16%
Silymarine extract 80%
Sisymbrium oil
Soy isoflavones 40%
Soyabean oil
Soyabean oil Ultra Refined
Spearmint oil   
Special Guarana Extracts. Caffeine content to customer specification
Spiknard oil
Spirulina Maxima extract – Phycocyanin 2.5%
Spruce Oil
Squill Elixir BP
Squill Liquid Extract BP
Squill Oxymel BP
Squill Tincture BP
Squill Vinegar BP
St. John’s Wort CO2 Extract
St. Johns wort oil
St.John’s Wort extract – Hypercin 0.3%
Stevia – Stevioside 85%
Sulphated Castor oil
Sweet Almond oil
Syrup BP
Tagettes oil   
Tamanu oil
Tamarind Oleoresin
Tangerine oil  
Tansy oil  
Tarragon oil   
Tea Tree oil   
Terminelia Balerica extract – Tannins 40%
Terminelia Chebula extract – Tannins 60%
Terminella Arjuna extract – Tannins 8%
Thuja oil   
Thyme CO2 Extract
Thyme oil red  
Thyme oil white    
Tolu Balsam  
Tolu Flavour Solution BP
Tolu Solution BPC
Tomato Extract
Tonka Bean absolute  
Tribulus Terrestris – Saponin 20%-40%
Triethanolamine 85%
Triethanolamine 99%
Triethanolamine EP
Triphla extract – Tannins 40%
Triple Rose Water BPC
Tuberose oil    
Turkey Red oil
Turmeric extract – Curcumin 95%
Turmeric oil    
Turmeric Oleoresin
Turpentine oil
Uncaria Tomentosa extract – Saponinis 2%
Uva Ursi Aqueous Powdered Extract
Uva-Ursi extract – Arbutin 20%
Valerian BPC
Valerian extract – Valerenic acid 0.8%
Valerian liquid Extract 1:3, 45%
Valerian oil
Valerian Tincture 1:3; 45%
Valerian Tincture EP
Vanilla CO2 Extract
Vanilla oil   (absolute)
Verbena oil   
Vetiver oil  
Violet oil  
Vit E-DL – Tocopherol Acetate
Vitamine E oil
Vitex Agnus extract – Vitexicarpin 5%
Walnut oil
Watermelon oil
Wheat Bran CO2 Extract
Wheatgerm oil
White Horehound Liquid Ext
White Horehound Powder
White tea extract – 90%
White Willow extract – Salicin 25%
Wild Cherry Syrup BP
Wild Yam extract – Diosgenin 7%
Wintergreen oil
Witch Hazel bark 1:3, 25%
Withania Somnifera – Withanolide 1.5%
Wood Betony 1:2, 25%
Wormwood Liquid Extract
Wormwood oil
Ximenia oil
Yara Yara
Yarrow extract – Essential oil 0.04%
Yarrow flower 1:2; 25%
Yarrow oil
Ylang Ylang oil
Yohimbe extract – Yohimbine 3%
Yucca Liquid Extract
Yucca Tincture 1:3; 45%