CO2 Supercritical Extracts

Co2 Extracts are manufactured using carbon dioxide (CO2) as an extraction medium. This is the most clean and gentle method of extraction. CO2 extraction method brings out of plant natural essential oils, antioxidants and natural flavours. High level extraction of ‘active ingredient’ is possible with Co2 extracts, leaving a clean extract with no residues, pesticides or heavy metals present in the extract.

” A -Z PRODUCT LIST ” –  [CO2 Extracts]
NameCatogoryProduct ID
Ambrette Seed CO2 extractCO2 Extract744
Ajowain CO2 Extract -Trachyspermum ammiCO2 Extracts734
Allspice Berries CO2 extract – Pimenta officinalisCO2 Extracts379
Amaranth Seed CO2 extract – Amaranthus caudatusACO2 Extracts380
Angelica Root CO2 extract – Angelica archangelicaCO2 Extracts381
Arnica extract Co2,4 % Sesquiterpene lactonesCO2 Extracts382
Balm Leaf extract – Melissa officinalisCO2 Extracts383
Basil Leaf extract – Ocimum basilicumCO2 Extracts384
Black Cumin CO2 ExtractCO2 Extracts735
Borage Seed extract – Borago officinalisCO2 Extracts385
Butter extractCO2 Extracts386
Calamus Root extract – Acorus calamusCO2 Extracts387
Camomile Flower CO2 extract – Chamomilla recutitaCO2 Extracts388
Caraway CO2 extract – Carum carviCO2 Extracts389
Cardamom CO2 extract – Elettaria cardamomumCO2 Extracts390
Carrot Seed CO2 extract – Daucus carotaCO2 Extracts391
Carrot-Jojoba CO2 extract – Daucus carotaCO2 Extracts392
Celery Seed CO2 extract – Apium graveolensCO2 Extracts393
Chia Seed (Spanish Sage) CO2 extract – Salvia hispanicaCO2 Extracts394
Chili CO2 extract, 10 % Capsaicinoids – Capsicum frutescensCO2 Extracts395
Chili CO2 extract, 5 % Capsaicinoids – Capsicum frutescensCO2 Extracts396
Cinnamon Bark Cassia CO2 extract – Cinnamomum cassiaCO2 Extracts397
Cinnamon Bark Ceylanicum CO2 extract – Cinnamomum ceylanicumCO2 Extracts398
Clove Bud CO2 extract – Syzygium aromaticumCO2 Extracts399
Coriander CO2 extract – Coriandrum sativumCO2 Extracts400
Coriander CO2 extract, 25 % Essent. Oil – Coriandrum sativumCO2 Extracts401
Cumin Seed CO2 extract – Cuminum cyminumCO2 Extracts402
Curcuma Longa CO2 extract – Curcuma longaCO2 Extracts403
Curcuma Xanthorrhiza CO2 extractCO2 Extracts404
DHA Fish Oil ethyl esters, 50 % DHACO2 Extracts405
Dill Seed CO2 extract, Carvone Type – Anethum graveolensCO2 Extracts407
Dill Seed CO2 extract, Dillapiol Type – Anethum sowaCO2 Extracts406
Evening Primrose Seed CO2 extract – Oenothera biennisCO2 Extracts408
Fennel CO2 extract, Bitter Type – Foeniculum vulgare var. vulgareCO2 Extracts409
Fenugreek Seed CO2 extract – Trigonella Foenum-GraecumCO2 Extracts410
Feverfew CO2 extract – 1%CO2 Extracts411
Flavoxan 14, Rosemary Antioxidant formulation – Rosmarinus officinalisCO2 Extracts412
Flavoxan 25, Rosemary Antioxidant formulation – Rosmarinus officinalisCO2 Extracts413
Frankincense Carteri CO2 extract – Boswellia carteriCO2 Extracts414
Frankincense Serrata CO2 extract – Boswellia serrataCO2 Extracts415
Galangal Root CO2 extract – Alpinia galangaCO2 Extracts416
Galbanum CO2 extract – Ferula galbaniflua*CO2 Extracts417
Garlic CO2-to extract, D/E = 50:1 – Allium sativumCO2 Extracts418
Ginger CO2-extract, powder, 20 %CO2 Extracts419
Ginger Supercritical Hot Extract Co2CO2 Extracts420
Gromwell Root CO2 extract, standardised – Lithospermum ErythrorhizonCO2 Extracts421
Hazelnut CO2 extract – Corylus avellanaCO2 Extracts422
Hazelnut CO2 extract, alcohol soluble – Corylus avellanaCO2 Extracts423
Hop CO2 extract – Humulus lupulusCO2 Extracts424
Juniper Berries CO2-se extract – Juniperus communisCO2 Extracts425
Kava Kava Supercritical Co2 Kavapyrones 60%CO2 Extracts426
Kiwi Seed CO2-to extract – Actinidia chinensisCO2 Extracts427
Lavender Flower CO2 extract – Lavandula officinalisCO2 Extracts428
Licorice CO2 ExtractCO2 Extracts736
Lovage Root CO2 extract – Levisticum officinaleCO2 Extracts429
Mace CO2 extract – Myristica fragransCO2 Extracts430
Marigold Flower CO2 extract < 0,1 % Carotenoides – Calendula officinalisCO2 Extracts432
Marigold Flower CO2 extract- Calendula officinalisCO2 Extracts431
Marjoram Leaf CO2 extract – Origanum majoranaCO2 Extracts433
Massoia Bark CO2 extract – Cryptocaria massoiaCO2 Extracts434
Melissa Officinalis Leaf CO2 ExtractCO2 Extracts743
Millet Seed CO2 extract – Panicum miliaceumCO2 Extracts435
Musk Seed CO2 extract – Hibiscus abelmoschusCO2 Extracts436
Myrrh CO2 extract – Commiphora abyssinicaCO2 Extracts437
Nutmeg CO2 extract – Myristica fragransCO2 Extracts438
Oregano Leaf CO2 extractCO2 Extracts439
Oregano Leaf CO2 extract, Phenol Type – Origanum vulgareCO2 Extracts441
Oregano Leaf CO2 extract, Terpineol Type – Origanum vulgareCO2 Extracts440
Orris Root CO2 extract, 1 % Irones – Iris germanicaCO2 Extracts442
Orris Root CO2 extract, 10 % Irones – Iris germanicaCO2 Extracts444
Orris Root CO2 extract, 3 % Irones – Iris germanicaCO2 Extracts443
Paprika extract, 80000 C.U. – Capsicum annuumCO2 Extracts445
Paprika extract, water dispersible, 40000 C.U. – Capsicum annuumCO2 Extracts446
Parsley Seed CO2 extract – Petroselinum crispumCO2 Extracts447
Peanut CO2 extract – Arachis hypogaeaCO2 Extracts448
Pepper Black CO2 extract, 28 % Piperine, 30 % Essent. Oil – Piper nigrumCO2 Extracts449
Peppermint Leaf CO2 extract – Mentha piperitaCO2 Extracts450
Pomegranate Seed CO2 extract – Punica granatumCO2 Extracts451
Raspberry Seeds CO2 extract – Rubus idaeusCO2 Extracts452
Redberry CO2 extract – Schinus terebenthifoliusCO2 Extracts453
Rhatany Root CO2-to extract, standardised – Krameria LappaceaCO2 Extracts454
Rosehip CO2-to extract – Rosa caninaCO2 Extracts455
Rosehip Seed CO2-to extract – Rosa caninaCO2 Extracts456
Rosemary Antioxidant extract, 14 % -25% Diterpene Phenols – Rosmarinus officinalisCO2 Extracts457
Rosemary CO2 extract, – Rosmarinus officinalisCO2 Extracts458
Sage Antioxidant extract, 35 % Diterpene Phenols – Salvia triloba, Salvia officinalisCO2 Extracts459
Sage CO2-to extract, 5 % Oleanolic/Ursolic acid – Salvia triloba, Salvia officinalisCO2 Extracts460
Sage Officinalis CO2 extract – Salvia officinalisCO2 Extracts461
Sage Triloba CO2 extract – Salvia trilobaCO2 Extracts462
Saw Palmetto CO2 ExtractCO2 Extracts463
Schisandra Fruit CO2 extract, Variety Sphenanthera – Schisandra sphenantheraCO2 Extracts464
Seabuckthorn Berries CO2 extract – Hippophae rhamnoidesCO2 Extracts465
Seabuckthorn Pulp CO2 extract – Hippophae rhamnoidesCO2 Extracts466
Seabuckthorn Pulp CO2 extract, < 0,1 % Carotenoides – Hippophae rhamnoidesCO2 Extracts467
Seabuckthorn Pulp CO2 extract, semi-solid lipids – Hippophae rhamnoidesCO2 Extracts468
Seabuckthorn Seed CO2 extract – Hippophae rhamnoidesCO2 Extracts469
St. John’s Wort CO2 ExtractCO2 Extracts737
Thyme CO2 ExtractCO2 Extracts738
Vanilla CO2 ExtractCO2 Extracts739
Wheat Bran CO2 ExtractCO2 Extracts740