Castor oil BP/EP

CASTOR OIL BP / EP is a pharma grade triglyceride fixed oil obtained by cold expression from the seeds of Ricinus communis (L). It is a clear, almost colourless or slightly yellow, viscid liquid; odour very slightly and characteristic, taste at bland at first, but afterwards turns slightly acrid. Castor oil BP / EP complies to the British and European Pharmacopeia monograph.

ULTRA REFINED GRADE CASTOR OIL  USP/EP (MEDICAL / PARENTERAL APPLICATION) is our top quality Castor oil which has been Ultra Refined to make our Ultra Refined Castor oil suitable for parenteral / injection applications. It is fully compliant to European Pharmacopoeia and US Pharmacopeia.  The Ultra Refining method is a process that uses advance purification methods designed to purify and provide a very high quality Castor oil that is intended for use in the manufacture of topical and intravenous applications.

Ultra Refined Castor oil is a special grade oil due to the low moisture and acid value. The seeds of Castor are cold pressed without heat. It then follows a high level of refinery process resulting in a stable and steady and very high quality oil for Pharmaceutical and parenteral application. Fully tested to Ph.Eur and USP, Ultra Refined Castor oil complies with EP / USP Residual Solvents and Bacterial Endotoxins testing. UR Castor oil does not contain BHT as an antioxidant. It is packed under nitrogen to increase shelf-life. It is recommended that nitrogen blanket is maintained after the container has been opened.


Castor oil BP Virgin

Castor oil Ph.Eur Refined

Castor oil Ph.Eur Low Acid

Castor oil Ph.Eur Low moisture

Hydrogenated Castor oil EP

Castor oil soap 35%

PACK SIZE: Pharma grade Castor oil BP/EP comes is 25 kilo or 200 kilo drums.

Specification provided on request.