Standardised Powdered Botanical Extracts

Powder Extracts are ‘standardised’ and tested to a guaranteed percentage of ‘Active’ ingredient present in the extract. Using ethanol and water as an extraction medium, the standardised extract is then spray dried to form a consistent powder.

NameCatogoryProduct ID
Acai Berry ExtractStandardised Extracts768
Acai Powder Freeze DriedStandardised Extracts767
Acerole – Vitamin C 5-25%Standardised Extracts528
Alfalfa – Protein 50%Standardised Extracts529
Andrographic Paniculata – Andrographolide 10%Standardised Extracts530
Angelica extract – Feralic Acid 0.3%/Ligutilide 1%Standardised Extracts531
Angelica Root 5:1 PEStandardised Extracts747
Angelicae extract – Ligustilide 1%Standardised Extracts532
Annantto Extract – Hue ratio 0.99 to 1.19Standardised Extracts533
Apple extract – Polyphonols 30%Standardised Extracts534
Artichoke extract – Cynarin 10%Standardised Extracts535
Ashwagandha extract 2.5%   Standardised Extracts536
Asparagus Racemosus – Saponin 30%Standardised Extracts537
Astragalus extract – Astragalosides 0.3%  Standardised Extracts538
Astragalus extract Polysaccharides 10-16%Standardised Extracts539
Azadirachita Indica extract – Azadiractin 2% minStandardised Extracts540
Bacopa Monneri extract – Bacoside 20%Standardised Extracts541
Berry Fruit extract – Proanthocyanidins 25%Standardised Extracts542
Bilberry extract – Anthocyansides 10%Standardised Extracts543
Bilberry extract – Anthocyansides 25%Standardised Extracts544
Black Cohosh – Triterpenoides Saponins 2.5%Standardised Extracts545
Boswella Seratta extract – Boswellic Acid 70%Standardised Extracts546
Brown seaweed – 15%Standardised Extracts547
Burdock extract – 25%Standardised Extracts548
Camelia Sinensis – Epigallocatechin Gallate >0.2%Standardised Extracts549
Capsicum Frutescens Total capsaicinoids >0.62%Standardised Extracts550
Capsicum Oleorisin – 20%Standardised Extracts551
Carrot extract – Beta carotene >0.2Standardised Extracts552
Cat’s Claw extract – Alkaloids 3% / Phenolic 15%Standardised Extracts553
Centella Asiatica extract – Aisaticoside 3-40%Standardised Extracts554
Chamomile – Apigenin 1.2% / Essential oil 0.5%Standardised Extracts555
Chaparral extract – NDGA >0.05%  Standardised Extracts556
Chaste-Tree extract – Vitexicarpin 5%Standardised Extracts557
Cholorella Emersoni – Chlorphyll >1%Standardised Extracts558
Chondroitin – Chondroitin Sulphate (Porcine)  Standardised Extracts559
Citricidal Grapefruit extractives 50%/GlycerinStandardised Extracts560
Citrus Aurantium extract – Synephrine 8-10%Standardised Extracts561
Citrus Bioflavonid – Hesperidin w/50%Standardised Extracts562
Citrus Bioflavonid – Synephrine 4%Standardised Extracts563
Coleus Forskohli extract 10-20%Standardised Extracts564
Comiphora Mukul extract – Sterones 5% / Gugulipids 20%Standardised Extracts565
Cowberry – Anthocyanidins 25%Standardised Extracts566
Cranberry – Solids 18-90%Standardised Extracts567
Dandelion extract – 4%Standardised Extracts568
Devil’s Claw extract – Harpagoside 5%Standardised Extracts569
Ding Quai extract – Ligustilide 1%Standardised Extracts570
Echinacea Angustifolia extract – Echinacosides 4%Standardised Extracts571
Echinacea Purpurea extract – Chicoric 2%Standardised Extracts572
Echinacea Purpurea extract Phenolic 4%Standardised Extracts573
Elder extract – Anthocyanidins 10-30%Standardised Extracts574
Eleuthero extract – 0.8%Standardised Extracts575
Ellagic Acid – 98%Standardised Extracts576
Embelia Ribes extract – Embelline 8%  Standardised Extracts577
Epimedium 40%Standardised Extracts578
Epimedium extract – 10-30%Standardised Extracts579
Eucommia – Guttapercha 6%Standardised Extracts580
Fenugreek seed extract – Saponins 50%Standardised Extracts581
Feverfew extract – Parthenolide 0.3% – 0.9%Standardised Extracts582
Fructus Lycii – Amino Acid 20%Standardised Extracts583
Ganoderma Lucidum – Polysaccharides 10%Standardised Extracts584
Garcinia Cambogia extract – HCA 50%-90%Standardised Extracts585
Garlic extract – Aillicn 17%  Standardised Extracts586
Ginger extract – Gingerols 3%-5%Standardised Extracts587
Ginkgo Biloba extract – Ginkgosides >1%  Standardised Extracts588
Ginseng extract – (Panax) Ginsenosides 20%Standardised Extracts589
Glycyrrihiza Glabra – Glycrrhizin 20%  Standardised Extracts590
Goldenseal extract – Alkaloids total 3%Standardised Extracts591
Gotu Kola extract – 40%Standardised Extracts592
Grape extract – Polyphenols 20%-95%Standardised Extracts593
Grape extract – Proanthocyanidins 95%Standardised Extracts594
Grapefruit Seed ExtractStandardised Extracts755
Green Tea extract – Polyphenols 50%  Standardised Extracts595
Green Tea extract, decaffeinatedStandardised Extracts596
Griffonia – 98%    Standardised Extracts597
Guarana Complex – caffeine 20%Standardised Extracts598
Guggul extract 2.5%Standardised Extracts599
Gymnema Sylvestre  – Gymnemic Acid 25-90%Standardised Extracts600
Gynostemma extract – Gypenosides 90%Standardised Extracts601
Hawthorn extract – Vitexin flavonoids 5%Standardised Extracts602
Hawthorn extract Vitexin-2′-rhamnoside 1.8%Standardised Extracts603
Hibiscus Extract 4:1Standardised Extracts782
Honeysuckle extract – Chlorogenin Acid 20%Standardised Extracts604
Horse Chestnut extract – Escin 20%Standardised Extracts605
Horsetail Hern extract – Silica 2%Standardised Extracts606
Huperzia serrate – Huperzine 1-5%Standardised Extracts607
Ipecacuana Extract 1.9-2.1%Standardised Extracts608
Kava Kava extract – Kavalactones 30%Standardised Extracts609
Kola extract – Caffeine 10%Standardised Extracts610
Kudzu extract – isoflavones 40%Standardised Extracts611
Licorice extract – Glycyrrhizin 10-26%Standardised Extracts613
L-Theanine 20%Standardised Extracts612
Lutein – 10-15% minimumStandardised Extracts614
Lycium – 1.5%Standardised Extracts615
Magnolia extract – Vasinine 0.5% min  Standardised Extracts616
Mannitol 50%  Standardised Extracts617
Marigold MaribriteStandardised Extracts618
Milk Thistle extract – Silymarin 10%-80%Standardised Extracts619
Momordica Charantia extract – Bitter 3%Standardised Extracts620
Neem extract – Bitters 3%Standardised Extracts621
Nettle leaf extract – Silica 5%Standardised Extracts622
Ocimum Sanactum extract – Ursolic Acid 8%Standardised Extracts623
Onion extract (to specification)Standardised Extracts624
Passion Flower – Vitexin flavonoids 4%Standardised Extracts625
Pine extract – Proanthocyanidins 95% Policosanol 99% MINIMUMStandardised Extracts626
Polygonum Cuspidatum – Resveratrol 20%Standardised Extracts627
Pomegranate extract – Polyphenols 40%Standardised Extracts628
Puerariac – isoflavones 40%Standardised Extracts629
Pumpkin extrac – Fatty Acids 25%Standardised Extracts630
Pygeum extract – Phytosterols 2.5%-25%Standardised Extracts631
Radix salviae – Tenshenone 1%Standardised Extracts632
Red Clover extract – IsoflavonesStandardised Extracts633
Reishi Mushroom extract – 10%Standardised Extracts745
Reishi Mushroom extract – Resveratrol – 95%Standardised Extracts634
Rhodiola Roses – Salidrosides 2%Standardised Extracts635
Rose HipsStandardised Extracts636
Rosemarry extract – 20%Standardised Extracts637
Rotenone – Rotenone 50-55%Standardised Extracts638
Ryegrass ExtractStandardised Extracts640
Rye-Pollen ExtractStandardised Extracts639
Saraca Indica exrtact – Tannins 8%Standardised Extracts641
Saw Palmetto extract – Fatty acids 20-25%Standardised Extracts642
Saw Palmetto oilStandardised Extracts643
Schisandra Berrier – Schisandrins 2%Standardised Extracts644
Shavegrass extract – Silica 7%Standardised Extracts645
Shilajit extract – Benzoic Acid and Uric Acid 5%Standardised Extracts646
Shitake Mushroom – Polysaccharides 16%Standardised Extracts647
Silymarine extract 80%Standardised Extracts648
Soy isoflavones 40%Standardised Extracts649
Spirulina Maxima extract – Phycocyanin 2.5%Standardised Extracts650
St.John’s Wort extract – Hypercin 0.3%Standardised Extracts651
Stevia – Stevioside 85%Standardised Extracts652
Terminelia Balerica extract – Tannins 40%Standardised Extracts653
Terminelia Chebula extract – Tannins 60%Standardised Extracts654
Terminella Arjuna extract – Tannins 8%Standardised Extracts655
Tomato ExtractStandardised Extracts656
Tribulus Terrestris – Saponin 20%-40%Standardised Extracts657
Triphla extract – Tannins 40%Standardised Extracts658
Turmeric extract – Curcumin 95%Standardised Extracts659
Uncaria Tomentosa extract – Saponinis 2%Standardised Extracts660
Uva-Ursi extract – Arbutin 20%Standardised Extracts661
Valerian extract – Valerenic acid 0.8%Standardised Extracts662
Vitex Agnus extract – Vitexicarpin 5%Standardised Extracts663
White tea extract – 90%Standardised Extracts664
White Willow extract – Salicin 25%Standardised Extracts665
Wild Yam extract – Diosgenin 7%Standardised Extracts666
Withania Somnifera – Withanolide 1.5%Standardised Extracts667
Yarrow extract – Essential oil 0.04%Standardised Extracts668
Yohimbe extract – Yohimbine 3%Standardised Extracts669