Ethyl Oleate EP - Oleic Acid Ethyl Ester

Ethyl Oleate is the ester formed by the condensation of the fatty acid, oleic acid and ethanol. It is a clear colourless to pale straw liquid. It is also produced naturally by our body. Ethyl Oleate BP/EP, conforms to the British (BP) and European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur).  Ethyl Oleate is a clear and colourless mobile liquid. The BP / Ph.Eur grade has ester value of 94 – 105%. Ethyl Oleate is widely used in pharmaceutical drugs and steroids preparation. It is classified as food and pharma grade. 

Identification Complies test EP

Appearance Complies test EP

Specific gravity @ 20°C: 0.8660 – 0.8740

Refractive index @ 25°C: 1.4430-1.4500

Saponification Value: 177-188

Water Content : <1.0

Iodine Value (Wijs): 75.00-90.00

Peroxide Value: <10.00

Acid Value <0.500

Ash Content %w/w <0.100

Oleic Acid (C18:1) 60.00 – 100.00

CAS no: 111-62-6

EC No. 203-889-5

EINECS: 204-402-9

Boiling point: >210 deg C

Flash point: >100 deg C

Pharmaceutical preparations, food, cosmetics and health & beauty. Ethyl Oleate can function as solvent, glossing agent and emollient. It is an excellent solvent and good moisturiser. Suitable for skin care, hair care and colour cosmetics.

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Pharma Grade ETHYL OLEATE BP / Ph.Eur

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