D-Limonene | Orange terpenes

D-LIMONENE is a chemical that is recovered from pressed orange or citrus peels. d-Limonene is a very versatile chemical which is extremely safe to use and more effective than many cleaning solutions. d-Limonene is also used in many other applications, such as orange/citric fragrance, paint, cooling fluid. However, the largest market for d-limonene is in the industrial and household cleaning products. D-limonene is a colourless liquid, contains Terpenes from Orange peels. 

d-Limonene is not water soluble, so it can be used in the typical water separation units. d-Limonene has solubility properties similar to that of CFC’s, hence a better solvent than a typical mineral spirit. Straight d-Limonene can be used as a wipe cleaner, in a dip bath, or in spray systems as a direct substitute for most other organic solvents.