Linseed oil

LINSEED OIL is obtained from the seeds of the flax plant Linum Usitatissimum. The flex seeds are broken and heated up to about 70°C. With this temperature the oil can be crushed more easily and the best quality oil can be reached. First pressed Linseed oil goes through different refining process to obtain different grades of Linseed oils.

COLD PRESSED LINSEED OIL is crushed out within the first press procedure without chemical aid. What is left are the linseed expeller which are an excellent ingredient for the horse and cattle feeding industry.

Sesame oil is obtained from the seeds of Sesamum indicum Linne by expression followed by a refining process. At room temperature it is a clear, light yellow almost colourless liquid. The Pharma grade Sesame oil complies the British Pharmacopeia monograph. UR- Sesame oil meets the standards of Ph.Eur and USP and is derived by a process that uses advance refining method designed to provide a very high quality Sesame oil that is intended for use in the manufacture of parenteral preparations.