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Cod Liver Oil is a purified fatty oil from the fresh liver of Gadus morhua and other species of Gadidae. A clear pale yellow oil, practically insoluble in water.  Cod Liver oil has slightly fishy, but not rancid odour and taste. The oil is obtained from the fresh liver of cod (Gadus morhua) and other species of Gadidae, and/or fish oil from other species of Gadidae.  lt is neutralized, dried, bleached, winterized and deodorized. The oil is free from genetically modified materials and components. This oil meets the analytical parameters for cod liver oil in current British Pharmacopoeia

Appearance: A pale yellowish oil
Taste:  Acceptable
Relative Density at 20degC (g):  0.917 – 0.930
R.I. at 20 deg C:  1.477 – 1.484
Stearin Test:  3 hours minimum @ 0 deg C
Unsaponifiable Matter:  1.5% maximum
Peroxide Value 10.0 m.eq/kg maximum
Iodine Value:  150 – 180
Acid Value:  0.2 mg KOH/g maximum (NB: EP specification 2.0 max.)
Vitamin A:  940 iu/g minimum
Vitamin D:  94 iu/g minimum
EPA %: 8.0% minimum
DHA %: 9.0 % minimum
Polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) (area %):  20.0 minimum
Anisidine value:  30.0 maximum
Dioxins and furans (WH02005 TEQ pg/g):  1.75 maximum
Dioxin-like PCBs (WH02005 TEQ, pg/g): 3.0 maximum

  • Health Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Animal Feed

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