Squill Liquid Extract BP (Pharmacutical Application)

Squill extract BP is a brown slightly viscous liquid made from Mediterranean Squill BP (Drimia maritima). It is a hydro-alcoholic liquid of Sicilian Squill used in herbal medicine for making cold and cough syrup. The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) grade Squill BP requires raw bulbs from Mediterranean or Sicilian Squills.  We offer an alternative to Squill BP,  a fluid extract from India Squill (indica maritima).  Squill Extract BPC complies to British Pharmaceutical Codex 1949.

Bulbs harvested from Squill plant has ‘active ingredients’ that have been used in herbal medicine for centuries. Squill is know by many different botanical names like European Squill, Mediterranean Squill, Red Squill, Sicily Squill, Indian Squill, Uriginea maritima, Drimia maritime etc. 

Appreance: Brownish Liquid

Total Solids: 40 – 55 %w/w

Ethanol: 34 – 50% v/v

Methanol Res: 0.05 max v/v

Propan-2-ol Res: 0.05 max v/v

Flammable liquids.

UN1293 – Tincture, Medicinal
Class 3, pack III

Cough Syrup




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