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Propolis, Cod Liver oil

PROPOLIS is produced by bees to protect their beehives. Also know as a natural antibiotic, Propolis is a sticky brown substance with strong odour. Bees collect Raw Propolis from different trees and use it in their hives due to it’s anitbiotic and anitbacterial properties. Raw Propolis has very high level of metal, especially Lead, contents and impurities such as wax and other dirt. It is therefore necessary to refine and purify Propolis before using it directly or in any formulation. We supply Refined Purified Propolis in liquid, powder, blocks or tablet form.

Bee image making PROPOLIS


PROPOLIS TINCTURE is made by purified propolis in MPG (monopropylyn glycol) or in ethanol. Concentration of propolis can be varied upon your specification and can range anything from 8% to 20%.

PROPOLIS LIQUID EXTRACT is made by imersing purified propolis in Monopropylyn glycol (MPG) or ethanol. Concentration of propolis can be varied upon customer’s specification and can range anything from 30% to 80%. Above 80% the liquid becomes too thick and difficult to use. Our standard recomendation is a 50% Propolis liquid.

PROPOLIS POWDER is mixed with other items to make it into a powder. Propolis is a sticky substance and the powder can turn into blocks if subjected to heat. Propolis is a sticky substance and in order to make it into powder Brewery Yeast or Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate may be added. Propolis powder can have 30% to 90% propolis. Our standard propolis powder is 50% or 80%.

PROPOLIS RESIN chips are formed by purifying raw propolis and are thick shinny dark brown blocks. The chips are purified 100% propolis.

PROPOLIS TABLETS are high potency Propolis tablets or capsules. Each tablet has 1000 mg of Propolis . Our standard pack size is 1000 propolis tablets or capsules per pack.