Plant Extracts

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Aromatic Chemicals, Essential oils and Botanical Extracts
Quality Assured Natural Ingredients Propolis, Cod Liver oil

CO2 Supercritical Extracts

Co2 Extracts are manufactured using carbon dioxide (CO2) as an extraction medium. This is the most clean and gentle method of extraction. CO2 extraction method  brings out of plant natural essential oils, antioxidents and natural flavours. High levels of ‘Active’ is possible with Co2 extracts, leaving a clean extract with no residues, pestisides or heavy metals present in the extract.

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Liquid Extracts & Tinctures

Liquid Extracts and Tinctures are extracted using a solution of water and ethanol. Concentration of the dried herb and the alcoholic solution gives the liquid extract it’s strength, such as 1:4, 1:3, 1:2 or 1:1.

Botanical Extracts | Plant Extracts

Pharmaceutical Extracts

Custom made liquid or soft extracts for use in medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations. Pharmaceutical extracts, such as Squill Extract and Ipecacuanha Extract are widely used in cough syrups.

Standardised Powder Extracts

Powder Extracts are ‘standardised’ and tested to a guaranteed percentage of ‘Active’ ingredient present in the extract. Using ethanol and water as an extraction medium, the standardised extract is then spray dried to form a consistent powder.

Botanical Extracts | Plant Extracts