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Aromatic Chemicals, Essential oils and Botanical Extracts
Quality Assured Natural Ingredients Propolis, Cod Liver oil

Pharmacutical Application

Liquid Extract

We supply range of extracts for use in pharmaceutical application.

Concentrated Extracts

Concentrated extracts are easy to transport and store because they are left ethanol free. The process of ethanol adding is left to the customer as and when required. This makes it ideal for storing and transporting. Lack of ethanol makes them non-hazardous and low weight/volume for shipping and transporting.  Final liquid extract is produced when ever required by simply adding ethanol.

Standardised Plant Extracts

All plants have many ‘active ingredients’ in them. Each plant has one of two actives in more proportion than others plants. Standardisation process is used to extracts these active ingredient.

Essential oils

Essential oil are pure and natural produced by steam distillation. Due to their purity and different remedy properties, essential oils are ideal for use in pharmaceutical application.


For centuries it has been know that Propolis has natural antibiotic properties. Propolis is a source of flavonoids. Extensive research has proven propolis to be an remedy ingredient for flu, coughs and respiratory problems. Purified and refined Propolis can be taken orally and has been proven to be an excellent health ingredient for animals, especially horses.

Ultra Refined oils

Vegetable and Carrier oils are a good source of fatty acids, however they are not suitable for pharmaceutical application due to impurities including colour and odour. Ultra refined oils go through a many stages of refinements resulting in a very high purity, virtually colourless/odourless yet with the same fatty acid profile as original oil.