Linseed oil for horses

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Linseed oil for horses

LINSEED OIL is obtained from the flaxseeds or Linum Usitatissimum.  It is clod-pressed without the use of any chemicals and goes through different refining process to obtain different grades of Linseed oils. The ‘first’ cold pressed is an excellent ingredient for horse feeds, cattle feeds or animal feeds purposes.

We supply a very high quality linseed oil, cold-pressed from the flexseeds  for horses, cattles and other animals. Linseed oil is also a good source of OMEGA 3.

Linseed oil has been used to horses feed and other animals for centuries. Feeding Linseed oil or flexseeds to horses have shown to give shiny skin, good joints and overall good health.

Linseed oil is analysed against set standards. It is also tested for pesticides and heavy metals to meet very high European standards.

We offer cold-pressed Linseed oil in 200 litre drums or 1000 litre IBC.