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Propolis, Cod Liver oil

Ipecacuanha Extract

Main active ingredient in Ipecacuanha is Emetine. Ipecacuanha extract we supply complies to BP standard and has 1.9% minimum Emetine. Used extensively in throat medicines and other health care remedies. Ipecacuanha liquid Extract is used in preparation of cough syrups and medicine.

The active ingredient in Ipecacuanha extract are alkaloids calculated as emetine. BP grade Ipecacuanha has minimum 1.9% emetine content in the extract.

Ipecauanha liquid Extract BP

Ethanol Extracted complying to BP monograph.

Emetine:  1.9% minimum

Description: brown liquid

Ipecauanha concentrated is used to make liquid Ipecacuanha extract. Ipecauanha concentrate is a potent extract and can be transported as non hazardous item. It is also easy to store. By adding ethanol Ipecauanha liquid extract can be made as and when required.