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Aromatic Chemicals, Essential oils and Botanical Extracts
Quality Assured Natural Ingredients Propolis, Cod Liver oil

Pure fish oil extracted from fresh, mixed species of fish. The oil has not been subject to any refining procedure other than centrifuging. When warmed to 25 deg. C. and allowed to remain at 15 deg. C.the oil appears as a homogenous, translucent, amber/brown liquid free from visible signs of waxy sediment, dirt or impurities and free from layering. Stabilized with 0.05% Butylated Hydroxy Toluene (B.H.T.) unless otherwise specified by the customer.

This is 100 % pure blended fish oil from several species which includes salmon, cod, haddock, mackerel and sprats and a few others. The raw material used to manufacture the oil is all from the human food industry.

This is an animal feed grade fish oil / fish meal and supplied mainly to the animal feed and pet food markets.

Uses: This oil is suitable for a variety of uses in animal feedstuffs, pet food and various industrial applications. It is also a good source of Omega 3 fatty acid.         

PACKAING  Supplied in 1000 litre IBC.