Feverfew Extract

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Propolis, Cod Liver oil

Feverfew Extract

Feverfew Powdered Extract: Main active ingredient in Feverfew is Parthenolide. Feverfew is used In natural remedies for reducing fever, relieving painful menstruation, reducing swelling in rheumatism and against migraine.

Supercritical Feverfew CO2 Extract- Produced by supercritical extraction with natural carbon dioxide, no solvent residues, no inorganic salts, no heavy metals, no reproducible microorganisms are present in the final extract.

Parthenolide:  1% to  20 % [To specification]

Description: brown, viscous liquid

Standardised Feverfew Extract - Extracted media is ethanol, and spray dried to produce standardised extract.

Parthenolide:  upto 0.9%  [To specification]

Description: light brown fine powder

Feverfew Liquid Extract - Feverfew herb is diluted in ethanol to make liquid alcoholic extract

Concentration: 1:3 in 25% ethanol

Parthenolide:  Not tested

Description: Dark brown liquid

Feverfew Herbal Powder - Grinder and milled to make a standard powder.

Parthenolide:  Not tested

Description: Brown powder.