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Benzyl Benzoate (BP/EP)

BENZYL BENZOATE is a colourless liquid and is the condensation product of benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol. Benzyl Benzoate has many uses, such as a fixative in fragrances to improve stability. In a food additive as artificial flavour, a treatment for sweet itch on animals, in particular horses.

Benzyl Benzoate we supply is pure liquid, assay (purity) of 99-100%.

Benzyl Benzoate BP conforms the British (BP) and European Pharmocopoeia (Ph.Eur). At room temperature Benzyl Benzoate is a colourless mobile liquid.

Application:  Benzyl benzoate is used in many applications such as:

Technical details:

CAS no: 120-51-4

FEMA no: 2138

EINECS: 204-402-9

EU Flavour Group No. Chemicals Group 23

Formula: C14 H12 O2

Molecular weight: 212.24