Animal Care

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Aromatic Chemicals, Essential oils and Botanical Extracts
Quality Assured Natural Ingredients Propolis, Cod Liver oil

Animal Health Care

Linseed oil for horse feed

We supply raw and cold pressed linseed oil for animal feeds.

Fish oil & Omega 3 oil

Specially made veterinary grade mixed Fish oil. This pure blended fish oil from several species which include salmon, cod, haddock, mackerel and sprats and a few other fish species. The raw material used to manufacture the oil is from the human food industry


Benzyl Benzoate BP

Benzyl Benzoate.

Essential oils

Essential oil such as Lavender and peppermint has been used for relaxation purposes.


For centuries it has been know that Propolis has natural antibiotic properties. Propolis is a source of flavonoids. Extensive research has proven propolis to be a remedy ingredient for flu, coughs and respiratory problems. Purified and refined Propolis can be taken orally and has been proven to be an excellent health ingredient for animals, especially horses.