Squill Extract

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Squill Extract

A liquid extract containing the active ingredients of squill obtained by extracting the squill powder with aqueous ethanol. It is then evaporated to give a squill extracted.


Extracts of squill are normally used in pharmaceutical preparations for coughs medicine.

Squill Liquid Extract BP - Fully complying to BP (British Pharmacopeia) standard, this is a brown slightly viscous liquid is made from Mediterranean SQUILL as described in the BP.

Squill Tincture - Squill Tincture is an aqueous ethanolic extract of the bulbs, manufactured from 100% natural ingredients. Used in pharmaceutical application (as expectorant), Medicinal (cough preparation).

Squill Oxymel BP - Made with Macerated Squill or the Indian Squill, our squill oxymel is fully complying and tested to BP (British Pharmacopeia) standards.

Squill Elixir BP - Squill Elixir is a syrup containing Squill Vinegar which is extracted from the bulb of squill. Used in Pharmaceutical application and fully complying to BP (British Pharmacopeia).